Our partners

has decided to provide its solutions through a network of integrator partners all over the world.

This means that, save for some exceptions, SURVISION undertakes not to sell its solutions directly to end customers, but to customers capable of integrating the data produced by the SURVISION cameras in their own applications and/or able to install, to configure and to maintain the SURVISION cameras.

To support this strategy, SURVISION has perfected a partnership program which offers the following advantages:

. free access to the SDK,
. significant reductions on the public prices,
. privileged access to on-site and remote support,
. a pre-sales and after-sales training program,
. co-marketing actions (trade fairs, show-room, website, demos, ...),
. access to web support tools for the supervision and maintenance of cameras.

The integrator partners of SURVISION may be of large international groups from the world of the security, of computing or public works, i.e. small local integrators specialised in a particular domain (embedded equipment, road traffic management, car-park or toll equipment, ...).

A list of our partners is available on request to end customers and to civil engineering study centres.

To become a SURVISION partner, contact us.