totem ROUGE

Licence plate recognition (NANOPAK ANPR)
• Recognition distance:
2-8m / 6-26 ft
• Coverage width:
up to 4m 13 ft
• Compatible for all licence plate formats
• Speed range covered:
from 0 to 30 km/h / 20 mph

Plate Fingerprint (NANOPAK ANPR-PF)
• Plate analysis using points of interest technology
• Higher matching rate

Video Features
• HD Camera:
8 Megapixels
• Image analysis:
60 images/second
• Illumination:
IR 850nm
• Compression:
• Setting adjustments:
Bitrate, frequency, zoom

Electronic Features
• Internal memory:
Up to 1,000,000 plates on the white list and up to 1,000 logs memorized (JPEG
• Communication bus:
Ethernet TCP-IP V4-V6, IO out relay
• Power supply—Consumption:
24VDC - 12W (Cable 1m supplied)
• Homologation:
EMC EN 55022, photobiological safety IEC62471, CE marking, FCC Part 15, CB Scheme, IEC 61 000 - 4
56,000 hours minimum
• Autonomous trigger via video or external software trigger

Mechanical Features

• Connectors:
RJ45 + Molex Mini t Jr
• Temperature:
-20°C to +55°C -4° to +131°F when in use

• Finish:
Peinture Epoxy - Anti-corrosive treatment
• Material:
• Dimensions :
Height 729 mm / 79’ - Depth without shield 128 mm / 5’ - Depth with shield 189 mm / 7 ‘- Diameter of the base 250 mm / 10’
• Weight:
9.640 Kg / 21 lbs


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Simple and discreet, the TOTEM contains a number plate recognition sensor, the NANOPAK.
Specially designed for car-park integration, the NANOPAK TOTEM associated with a barrier system provides access control using Number Plate Recognition.
Easy to install, it provides an ANPR solution in a compact system.
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  • The number plate recognition is carried out entirely in the integrated NANOPAK.
  • The NANOPAK automatically adjusts its filming and lighting parameters in order to provide an optimal performance regardless of the conditions.
  • The sensor can be adjusted remotely.
  • The gathered data is transmitted by the sensor on the Ethernet network.
  • A real-time video stream in H264 format is also provided.
  • The NANOPAK TOTEM is installed behind the barrier taking into account the sensor distance and angle restrictions.
  • The integrated NANOPAK sensor is protected from exterior blows by the TOTEM.
  • The NANOPAK TOTEM integrates the pre-cabling system which facilitates the installation.
  • It is fixed directly into the ground at the lower base of the NANOPAK TOTEM using 3 screws.
  • The plate Fingerprint can be loaded in the sensor to enhance the matching rate.


The NANOPAK TOTEM is used for Access Control of public and private car-parks. its compact nature means that it can be discreetly integrated.



  • Over size TOTEM US: 1000 mm/ 39'
  • Customisable colour
  • Preparation of high/low voltage cables