Number plate recognition

• Coverage width:

Up to 3 metres

• Compatible for all licence plate formats

• Speed range covered:

From 0 to 250 km/h

Video characteristics

• Frequency:

50 images/second

• Illumination:

IR 850nm pulsated

• Compression:


• Adjustments:

Bitrate, GOP, frequency

Electronic characteristics

 • Internal memory:

Up to 5,000 plates

• Communication bus:

Ethernet 100Mbit/s TCP-IP IPV4

• Power supply - Consumption:

12/24VDC - 24W (câble 2m fournis)

• Homologation/Certification:

CEM EN 55022, photobiological safety IEC62471

• MTBF :

56,000 hours minimum



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Comfort and Speed...

The NANOPAK Barrier enables an exit at low speed without stopping to earn time.

Style and discretion...
Embedded in the barrier column the sensor is discreet.

Vehicle License Plate Recognition enables to secure car-park access and to limit fraudulent behaviors.

Easy set-up…
Integration in the barrier simplies tremendously wiring and civil works. NANOPAK’s power supply is directly managed inside the barrier.

Patented Innovation...
This integration innovative solution is patented by SURVISION.
(Patent number BFF13P0856).
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Data processing by the sensor NANOPAK

License Plate recognition is done directly by the sensor. Data are then sent through Ethernet network and the
barrier opening order is given via an electrical relay.
Access rights and users' registration can be performed thanks to a SURVISION's application or one of our 300
integrators partners' system.

NANOPAK settings

Camera angle and lighting settings are done automatically by the sensor to provide optimal performance whatever the climate and light conditions.
The NANOPAK BARRIER doesn't require any settings.


General setup rules

  • The coming vehicle must face the barrier.
  • The width of the lane mustn't exceed 3 meters.
  • The barrier must not be installed inside a curve.
  • There should not be more than 80 cm between the bottom of the Nanopak and the road on which the vehicles are travelling.
  • No elements (advertisement...) or pedestrian crossings shall be installed in the sight of the sensor.
  • In the case of a public parking setup, the minimal distance between the barrier and the payment terminal shall be at least 3.5 meters.