License plate recognition


• 3 options for the recognition distance:

Long plates : 4m/13.12 ft - 7.5m/23ft 5m/16.40 ft - 10m/32.81 ft 8.5m/26.25 ft - 15m/49.21 ft

Small plates* : 3m/9.84 ft - 5,5m/18.04 ft 4m/13.12 ft - 7,5m/24.61 ft 7m/22.07 ft - 10m/32.81 ft

•  Coverage width:

Up to 4 meters/13 ft

•  Compatible with all license plate formats

•  Speed range covered: From 0 to 250 km/h - 155 mph


Plate Fingerprint (MICROPAK LPR-PF)


• Plate analysis using points of interest technology
• Improved matching rate

Video features


• HD camera:
1.3 Megapixels
• Image analyse:
60 images/second
• Illumination:
IR 850nm
• Compression:
• Settings:
Bitrate, frequency, dynamic framing


Electronic features

• Internal memory:

Up to 1,000,000 plates in white list and up to 1,000 logs memorized (JPEG included)

• Communication bus:

Ethernet, IO out (relay), IO in (optocoupler), RS-485

• Power supply - Consumption:

24VDC - 12W (3m cable provided)

• For the output:

Maximum switching voltage 250VAC/220VDC  maximum power supply of 2 Amp

• For the input:

Voltage 24V +/- 0.1% maximum power supply of 0.5 Amp

• Security:

SSL, 802.1X, 802.1Q

• Certification:

EMC EN 55022, photobiological safety IEC62471, CE, FCC Part 15, CB, CEI 61000-4


70,000 hours minimum

• Autonomous video activation or external software trigger


Mechanical features


• Connectors:

RJ45 IP67 + 10-pin Amphenol LTW connector

• Temperature:

-40° to +55°C/-40° to +131° F when in use

• Casing:

Grey aluminum IP67

• Dimensions without sun-visor (mm) - Weight:

130 (L) x 115 (P) x 70 (H) mm - 1050 g/5.12 (L) x 4.53 (P) x 2.76(H)’ - 2,3 lbs


* Values for small plates including (not exclusively) the United States, Canada, Mexico, Belgium, Monaco & South America


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From License Plate Recognition to speed measurement and Dangerous Goods transportation tracking, the Micropak fulfills your vehicle monitoring requirements.
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  • The collection of information (License Plate Recognition) is carried out entirely in the sensor. - The sensor automatically adjusts its filming and lighting parameters in order to be able to provide an optimal performance regardless of the conditions.
  • The sensor and camera settings (compression, frequency...) can be carried out remotely.
  • The data gathered is transmitted by the sensor on the Ethernet network and in RS-485.
  • A real time HD 720p video stream in H264 format as well as additional data (reliability rate) are also provided, depending on the versions.
  • A dry contact gives us direct control of a barrier for the LPR version, as well as an entry (IO in) to synchronize the recognition process with an external trigger.
  • The Plate Fingerprint (PF) can be associated with the LPR for an improved matching rate.

Different versions

Easy to install and use, the MICROPAK offers a large range of applications as it comes in different versions.



The MICROPAK can be used in a wide variety of contexts:

  • Access control for public and private car-parks
  • Motorway tolls on channeled lanes
  • Public security applications
  • Monitoring of urban and peri-urban areas
  • Access control for high-security sites


  • White light illumination
  • Pole mount adaptor
  • Fixation bracket
  • Cable protection box
  • Longer power supply cables
  • Cables with complementary signals (RS-485, I/O)