Local authorities

SURVISION provides Local Authorities, through their integrators, solutions allowing them to measure, manage and guide vehicle traffic on the roads for which they are responsible.

Traffic measurment and management

Collectivites locales

The Towns, Departments and Regions are responsible for road management. In order to optimise this management, the local authorities must measure the traffic on these roads on a regular or sometimes permanent basis.

SURVISION offers solutions based on cameras for the implementation of measurement campaigns for different lengths of time. Traffic statistics, Origin-Destination surveysand of average or instantaneous speed constitute very important data for the
measurement of journey timeuse of these roads and for the planning of civil engineering works.

Automatic fining


The maintenance of local roads is usually the responsibility of the local authorities and accounts for a very important part of their budget. The local authorities must ensure at same time conditions for the fluid circulation of traffic on these roads, and the implementation of accident reduction measures.

SURVISION offers solutions, based on its cameras which allow local authorities to implement automatic fining platforms. They can in this way simultaneously fulfil their obligations concerning traffic fluidity and road safety, all the while receiving part or all of the collected fines, which can then be reinvested in the infrastructure, without having any negative impact on the local authority budget.

SURVISION is therefore able to provide local authorities with embedded solutions for the fining of parking offenses. SURVISION is therefore able to ensure efficient monitoring of bus lanes, or lanes forbidden to certain vehicle categories (lorries, transport of dangerous goods).

Public safety

Collectivites locales

Local authorities have varying roles to play in the area of public safety, depending on the country. In most countries, these authorities have local security forces and rights in the area of video surveillance.

The SURVISION cameras installed on urban infrastructures (lampposts, buildings, signalization equipment), or on local security vehicles, make it possible to survey sensitive zones (official buildings, town access routes, high-risk sites, etc...) The security forces are therefore provided with precise data concerning vehicle movements, as a preventative measure or for the aims of judicial enquires. These cameras can be linked to the most common video-surveillance platforms. For the list of video surveillance solutions compatible with the SURVISION cameras, please contact us.